A warm welcome!

Hotel Benahoare is a modern hotel with all amenities in the center of Los Llanos, the largest town on La Palma. It has been redesigned in June 2016 and is run by the owners of Hotel San Telmo at Santa Cruz de La Palma.
It offers to its guests a central and quiet location, personalized service, a good breakfast and a bar-café in an attractive place opposite the well-known Museo Arqueológico Benahorita. This is estimated by tourists and groups as well as by businesspeople.

From the centrally located Hotel you'll reach in no time the beaches on the west coast, the Caldera de Taburiente, many hiking destinations, mountain bike trails and attractions. You enjoy excellent connections by public transport or with your private car. At the same time, you are close to many shops, bars and restaurants in the town. Shopping or an evening stroll and dinner are at your fingertips.

Inside the Hotel, you dispose of the mentioned bar-café "Cafe Idafe", but also of a rooftop terrace with great panoramic views and a pool, of free internet access, satellite TV and information for your ideas and interests.

We'd like to offer also our second (or first!) hotel, Hotel San Telmo at Santa Cruz de La Palma, as you may consider a stay at the island's capital. Here is the link to its webpage.